Commitment to Sustainability

Gordon Thomas Honeywell understands how vital sustainability is to the environment and our future generations. And we recognize that business operations can impact the world around us. We make every effort to limit that impact for our employees, our clients, and our community. We strive to continually enhance our sustainability initiatives, which include:

  • Commuting. We provide incentives and encourage the use of mass transit, carpooling, bikes, etc. Whenever possible, we also utilize technology such as videoconferencing.
  • Materials. We make every effort to use materials that are the least hazardous and most natural, giving preference to those that are high in recycled content, recyclable or biodegradable, certified sustainable and durable.
  • Equipment and Supplies. Sustainability is a consideration when we purchase our supplies, equipment and services – for recyclability, biodegradability, recycled content, waste minimization, hazardous–chemical free, energy conservation, resource conservation, locally manufactured and organic.
  • Recycling and waste. We minimize the use of paper in data storage, printing and copying, internal and external communications, and mailing. Many of our intra–office documents have been converted to electronic–only versions. We provide real glassware to help reduce the use of disposables.
  • Energy and water. We encourage energy conservation and efficiency in heating/cooling, lighting, and equipment.
  • Sustainable future. We are proud to represent clients and work with vendors that are also leading the way for a sustainable future.