Federal Indian Law

Gordon Thomas Honeywell – Federal Indian Law Practice Group

Gordon Thomas Honeywell’s Federal Indian Law Practice Group lawyers have significant experience devoted to representing a wide range of clients in Federal Indian law matters. We are determined to provide the highest quality legal representation in this unique area of law. Indian law is rooted in federal statutes, case law and federal agency rules and practice. This area of law requires an understanding of and respect for tribal governments and their decision-making processes. Our lawyer’s reputation for resolving complex Indian law matters under demanding conditions stem from successful reputation of clients in many complex and challenging situations.

While Federal Indian law is a unique and specialized practice area, those issues often intersect with other more common non-Indian matters. Our attorneys regularly confront that intersection for agricultural, business and municipal clients. We represent clients as diverse as individual landowners who need work with Indian Tribes rights; businesses undertaking negotiations with Tribes on business arrangements and government entities seeking to engage in government-to-government negotiations. Our practice is primarily in the Northwest.

Federal Indian law matters are rarely found in isolation. Our lawyers also work in other substantive areas of law such as contracts, litigation, legislation, facilitation and negotiation when those issues interact with Federal Indian law issues. As such, our lawyers are very familiar with how these diverse areas and interact to affect a successful legal outcome.

Legal Services

Our Indian law practice encompasses many different areas, including:

  • Usual and accustomed treaty matters
  • Natural resource matters
  • Environmental compliance
  • Contracts with Tribes
  • Treaty related water right issues
  • Business leasing and facility siting
  • Employment law and TERO issues on reservation
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Tribal cultural and Federal and State historic preservation
  • Tribal Environmental Policy Act
  • Mediation of issues between Tribes and private and public entities
  • Forest practice issues involving Tribes

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