Renewable Energy

Gordon Thomas Honeywell is a leader in Washington State and throughout the Pacific Northwest in providing legal services to the Renewable Energy Industry. Our lawyers have been nationally recognized as having an outstanding reputation for advising and representing utilities, developers, investors, and project owners in the renewable energy sector.

Energy and utilities present significant and often complex legal issues for businesses and individuals not only in times of “crisis,” but on an ongoing basis as well. Whether drafting and negotiating leases for geothermal exploration, obtaining permits and licenses for low–impact hydroelectric facilities, putting together complex inter–governmental agreements for renewable energy development, negotiating contracts for sale of renewable energy credits, or obtaining transmission rights for power generated from renewable resources, our lawyers deliver tangible value for our clients.

At Gordon Thomas Honeywell, we take an interdisciplinary approach, which enables our lawyers to provide the most cost–effective solutions in our strategic counseling to both investor–owned companies and governmental entities, in transactions, regulatory issues, and litigation matters.

Our clients look to us for guidance in the following areas:

  • Planning, permitting and constructing all forms of renewable generation, including wind, solar, geothermal, bioenergy, and hydroelectric.
  • Tax, finance, and transactional structures.
  • Emerging technologies such as ocean wave and tidal energy, the smart grid, and utility–scale storage.
  • Transmission interconnection.
  • Purchase and sale of renewable energy credits.
  • Ensuring that transactions comply with the statutory and constitutional limitations on the authority of Washington public utility districts, municipally–owned utilities, electric coops, and mutual electric companies.

From our decades–long involvement in the representation of Northwest public utility districts, electric co–ops, mutuals, municipal utilities, and other entities in the electric industry, our lawyers have a thorough understanding of Washington’s complex power industry and the unique constitutional, statutory, political and administrative hazards faced by anyone operating or wishing to operate in that industry.

Our Renewable Energy lawyers obtain results for our clients – ranging from assembling and administering the complex financing, tax and administrative structures that characterize modern renewable energy development, to successfully negotiating the regulatory hurdles presented by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, by state and federal environmental regulators, and by unique Northwest institutions, such as the Bonneville Power Administration.

We have represented a variety of consumer–owned utilities, private businesses, and their principals in these fields for many years. These matters run the gamut from the traditional to “cutting edge” developing technologies. We help our clients manage every step of the process in the following areas:

  • State and Federal Energy Regulation
  • Power Marketing and Power Purchase Agreements
  • Energy Facility Siting and Permitting
  • Construction and Design
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Project Financing
  • Energy Project Due Diligence
  • Real Estate and Land Use
  • Turbine and Equipment Procurement
  • Fuel Supply and Transportation
  • Nuclear Power
  • Telecommunications
  • Water, Sewer, and Storm Water
  • Interconnection and Transmission
  • Leasing and Use of Public Lands
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Joint Development Agreements
  • Project Purchase and Sale
  • The law governing Public Utility Districts, Electric Coops, Mutuals, and Municipal Utilities
  • Legislation & Rulemaking
  • Taxation and Incentives
  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Eminent Domain Proceedings
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Corporate Structure
  • Lease Agreements