Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition

Business owners need to keep their customers and employees satisfied.  In our information age, they also need to protect their businesses from unfair competition and other threats.  Embezzlement, interference with customers, and misuse  of confidential information, all threaten your success.  Competitors may use false advertising or illegally interfere with employees, secrets, or customer relationships. Our trial attorneys bring decades of experience in resolving these disputes,  and in assisting businesses that are confronted with wrongdoing by competitors, suppliers, and former employees.

Representative Cases

We defended UTILX’s former CEO and his new company against UTILX’s claims that our clients’ new technology was based on stolen trade secrets.  We successfully defended our clients against a motion for preliminary injunction.  After a three week trial, the jury found every one of the seven alleged trade secrets was not a trade secret, allowing our clients to capitalize on the new technology they had developed independently.