Personal Injury

Experience, resources and reputation matters

Our Personal Injury and Civil Rights lawyers at GTH have obtained excellent results for decades for clients who have been harmed by the actions of others. By holding businesses, governments and insurance companies accountable for their actions, as well as prosecuting sexual abuse cases, and successfully proving damages in catastrophic injury and medical malpractice cases, we have demonstrated our capabilities time and time again. Our attorneys regularly try cases, and by thorough preparation put our client’s in the best position for a favourable settlement or successful trial outcome.

Range of Services:

Medical Malpractice

To err is human and sometimes doctors, nurses or other healthcare professionals make mistakes. These errors can result in catastrophic injuries including paralysis and death.  Our attorneys have successfully represented families who have lost spouses, children, and parents, who have been left paralyzed, brain damaged, or sustained permanent life-changing injuries. We have the knowledge, the resources and the commitment to help you with your medical malpractice claim.


Employee Rights & Discrimination

Your work is a big part of who you are. You take pride in a job well done and the dignity of a paycheck to provide for yourself and your loved ones. When an employer takes that away—through discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, or retaliation—the harm can be as great as a physical injury, if not worse.


Serious Injury

The sudden injury or death of a loved one can be devastating – physically, psychologically, socially and financially. When the harm is caused by the careless or deliberate actions of another, the legal system allows you to seek compensation.


Governmental Liability

Government entities sometimes fall short of their commitments, whether in the context of public safety, employment or public records. Lawsuits against government entities involve unique challenges and pitfalls. We have successfully litigated against states, cites, school districts, municipalities and other governmental entities. We are committed to achieving justice for our clients who were harmed at the hands of government actors. Together we work to hold governments accountable to the people.


Representative Matters

Medical Malpractice

Physicians must carefully evaluate patient signs and symptoms and must ensure that resident doctors are properly supervised. Our 33 year-old client was 28 weeks pregnant when she went into the hospital where she was correctly diagnosed with severe preeclampsia – a life-threatening condition for both mother and baby. Despite numerous warning signs that should have led to immediate delivery, the healthcare facility simply monitored our client’s condition. Most egregiously, the resident physician allowed the fetal heart monitor to be taken off at a critical time. By the time the monitor was put back on the baby had died. After we investigated and marshalled expert testimony the defendant settled confidentially.


An accident occured during our client's hysterectomy, but the doctor failed to recognize the problem and repair the damage. During the hysterectomy, the doctor accidently nicked our client's bladder.  That alone was not malpractice, but his failure to look for this common issue and repair the bladder was malpractice. Worse, when client returned complaining of post-operative pain and fever, signs that a post-operative infection was ongoing, he ignored her complaints and told her that she was seeking drugs.  The jury awarded our client over a million dollars in damages.

Serious On the Job Injuries by Undocumented Workers

When a solo Tacoma attorney needed help taking on well-funded defendants in complex cases involving serious workplace injuries, we partnered with that lawyer to try these cases and have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for our joint clients.

Sexual Abuse Settlements

After Lake Tapps pilot Weldon Marc Gilbert sexually abused young men, we represented several of his victims and successfully pursued settlements -- and Gilbert’s assets and available insurance coverage -- to ensure that these young men were compensated for the horrible psychological and physical harm they suffered.

Ski Accident

Obtained $14 million jury verdict for a skier paralyzed in an accident after establishing that the resort was negligent in its construction of a ski jump and in failing to respond to repeated prior injuries and specific warnings by other customers. The verdict was upheld on appeal. Salvini v. Ski Lifts Inc., King County Cause No. 05-2-13652-9.

Wrongful Death of Firefighters

We represented the families of two Forest Service Firefighters in a wrongful death action arising from the Thirty-Mile Fire tragedy of 2001. In related litigation, we represented civilians against the U.S. Forest Service for injuries also sustained during the Thirty Mile Fire. Both federal lawsuits were successfully resolved before trial. Hagemeyer v. The United States of America, E.D. Wa Cause No. 2:04-cv-03061; Fitzpatrick v. Anchor Industries Inc., E.D. Wa Cause No. 2:04-cv-03123

Gender Discrimination

We obtained a $500,000 settlement from the Washington State Department of Transportation for our client, a female engineer and manager who faced gender discrimination and hostile work environment from her male superiors and others in the workplace.

Disability Discrimination

We recovered $746,000 following a jury verdict in favor of our dental assistant client whose employer removed her from her job claiming her disability made her a danger in the workplace and then retaliated when her doctor said she was able to perform her job safely.

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